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Our app, TremorTracker(tm), began as an effort to help our friends with Essential Tremor, gait disorders, and anyone suffering from a motor disorder, to easily self-monitor their symptoms. If desired, the app can provide neurologists or neurosurgeons with accurate accessory data derived from a well-defined behavioral context, which can enhance understanding of symptom fluctuations and treatment efficacy when paired with clinical data and clinician judgment.

We are currently investigating the use of TremorTracker(tm) in individuals suffering from Essential Tremor and treated with Deep Brain Stimulation, in partnership with Neurosurgeons in the Allegheny Health Network. The TremorTracker(tm) app is built around the motion and other sensors available in common consumer products and will incorporate auxiliary biometric and environmental sensors to form a flexible scientific measurement platform, with ease of use, behavioral scientific rigor, and interoperability with advanced data science applications as core design principles.

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